Don’t Mess with the Chinese (immigrants)

You may have heard stories in the news lately, that implied that Chinese tourists overseas were “easy targets”, and they were for instance in August, when 27 Chinese tourists were robbed using tear gas by thieves in Paris, or in May, when PRC police were deployed to Italy, to reassure rich mainland tourists. Stories like these would understandably leave you with the impression that Asians abroad would be easy pickings. But a word to the wise for would-be robbers – don’t underestimate them.

1) Don’t bring a (small) knife to a meat cleaver fight!

AUSTRALIA – A teenager announced his intention to rob a Chinese noodle store by passing a note to the owner’s wife saying: “I have one knife, give me money”. Hunter Hu, the owner with an appropriate name, had other plans. He slipped into the back room, and reappeared waving two huge choppers and chasing the thief out of the shop shouting: “You have one knife? I have two!!”. The would-be thief nearly ran into several people before winging it across six lanes of busy traffic. He was finally arrested at a fast food joint, pathetically small weapon still in hand.

2)  Bravery in Pajamas

USA – Chen Fengzhu awoke early one morning to the sound of burglars in her home. Three men armed with guns had broken in through the front door and were fanning out in search of some easy cash. After a failed call to 911, the pajama-clad Chen took matters into her own hands. Taking the handgun she had fired only once before, she rushed out of her bedroom, letting off shot after shot. All three robbers fled, and one died, leading to Chen’s fame among Chinese expats.

3) How to Bag a Shoplifter

CANADA – A serial shoplifter got far more than he bargained for at a Chinese grocery store. While stealing some plants, he was chased down, tied up, and locked in a delivery van. When police arrived on the scene, they actually charged the grocer and two others with assault and forcible confinement, sparking nation-wide interest. The three men were subsequently acquitted of all charges and the thief got thrown in jail for 30 days.

Travelling abroad? Here’s a tip: Pretend like you know kung fu.