Fancy Poo-flavoured Curry in Japan?


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.49.00 pm

Yes, there’s a restaurant in Tokyo called Curry Shop Shimizu that actually serves poop-flavoured Japanese-style curry. It’s not exactly like the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei either – when blogger “Stu in Tokyo” visited the restaurant, it’s apparent that the small eatery also stinks like someone just did a lavish No.2.

But what makes the place even more interesting? It’s owned by one of Japan’s most famous porn stars (he’s been in over 7,000 adult movies in the decade he was in action!).

If you’re a foodie traveller, perhaps you may want to try this out. The curry comes in various sizes, and are served in mini toilet bowls for a strange realistic effect. If you watch the video, it would seem that nobody actually likes the taste of it – ‘tastes like shit’ was a common comment.

The curry flavour is concocted by none other than Japanese porn star Ken Shimizu, who admits that while he doesn’t really like the taste of his ‘shit’ curry, the idea of it excites him. You have to take pity on the poor chef who has to work in the small, stinky restaurant though.

So, is the pull of eating ‘shit curry’ strong enough to draw in customers? According to their ‘Wall of Shit Eaters’ – a wall plastered with Polaroids of those who’ve eaten their largest curry on the menu – there have been at least 100 patrons.

While no actual feces has been used to make the curries – ingredients include fish, pork, and tea – Stu and his friends leave the restaurant stinking of poop.

Watch the full video of Stu’s exploits here: