Feeling Blue? Cats Will Cheer You Up!


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.14.50 pm

We see them all around all the time – cats and images of them all over the Internet, on our newsfeed and well, in our neighbourhoods if you are lucky enough. If these aren’t enough to satisfy your love for cats, there is a new app that is out that which will insert pictures of cats sporadically throughout articles that you are reading online!

Called InstaCats, the app is a Chrome extension that can be installed onto the Chrome browser. The point of the app is to break up text-heavy articles with pictures of cats, so the article would not be to heavy to digest for the readers. Like this.


While the app doesn’t do anything beyond inserting cat pictures into an article, given how short people’s attention span are these days, the app does help readers stay focus on the text by breaking the monotony. And if you can’t stay focused on the article, well, let’s just say – no one can resists cats!