First World Problems: Funny directions ahead!!


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by Christabel Florence Sasabone

Ahh Google Maps. What will we do without you? Without which, we will be lost, and take forever to find our way to a certain destination. Yet, while everything seem to work seamlessly now, did you know that they used to give hilarious directions? Curious? Then read on to find out more!

Swim Across the Atlantic Ocean

Yes, Google did actually tell people to swim across the Atlantic Ocean when they typed in New York, America as their starting point and Paris, France as their destination place years ago. Now imagine swimming across close to a whooping 3,500 miles in the freezing Atlantic Ocean! No thanks!

Jetski Across the Pacific Ocean

Ok, so what if you needed to cross another ocean? This time though, a jetski method is given out if you wish to travel from Japan to China, or vice versa. The distance is a grand total of 782 kilometres, and never mind the fact that the coast guard will probably be onto you first, but imagine how long that would take!

Kayak Across the Pacific Ocean

For those who don’t fancy jetskiing across the Pacific Ocean, well…the was the other option which was to kayak across it. You would have received the direction to go kayaking when you type in directions from USA to Japan. Then again, unless you are a lover of kayaking….no one would really want to do that over 2,756 miles of ocean….right?

Directions from the Shire to Mordor

A reference to the Lord of the Rings movie in 2001, if you type into Google maps the directions to go Mordor, it will say “Caution: one does not simply walk into Mordor.” 

Walk on Water

A glitch that was spotted in 2012, the directions from Alicante to Valencia in Spain – which is possible on land, yielded directions to “walk through the sea” near the Ibiza island for no whatever reason! Hmm… 

Travel using the Royal Carriage

If you type in the directions from the Buckingham Palace to the Windsor Castle, Google Maps will offer you driving directions via the Royal Carriage. Of course you can’t really ride the Royal Carriage, it’s only for the Royal Family! This was part of Google’s easter eggs actually.

Travel by Loch Ness Monster

If you get directions from Fort Augustus to Urquhart Castle in Google Maps, Google will show you the option of traveling via Loch Ness Monster. Another one of Google’s easter eggs, it would be awesome if this was real!

So what other forms of instructions have you received from Google Maps? Do let us know if you encountered anything funny and happy travels!