Food fads


Before the rise of Korean fried chicken and Japanese bakeries, there were the introduction of Cronuts and Cruffins here on our shores. Then, there more recently, there was the influx of churros, popping up nearly everywhere you go. From food trends to food fads, guess what’s on the menu, and what may be following close behind soon enough?

Salted egg croissants

If you haven’t quite heard, Singaporeans love salted eggs, and there’s almost salted egg in every thing! From ice cream to lava cakes, someone will find a way to infused them into something, and it is no wonder that the latest fad is therefore salted egg something – croissants to be exact. Starting with Flavoured Flings which began selling the crusty and oozy delight, Antoinette followed close behind, with their own take of the croissants and now, the social media is simply abuzz of salted egg croissants because no one can get enough of those sinfully good food!

Rainbow bagels

Move over rainbow cakes, there’s a new contender in town. While not exactly new, and it has yet to hit our shores too, it is only recently that this colourful pastry started getting onto the radar of the Instagram savvy. Filled with cream cheese, rainbow sprinkles and cotton candy, it has been creating quite a storm, tasting like breakfast cereal, cake, and cotton candy – great for those who needs a sugar rush in the morning really!

Truffle Fries

If you have read our previous post about truffle fries, you will know how much of a craze they have taken over Singapore by. From cafes to restaurants and even fast food chains, truffle fries have now become a part of our eating scene, and there can be no denying about it!

In other food fad news, which might be more familiar to most people, online food trends and challenges have come and go too, and one can only wonder what’s new for 2016. Here are some past challenges that have been uploaded on the Internet – who’s up for guessing what 2016’s will be?

2012 – 2013: Potato Party

We aren’t talking about one or two Large fries. We are talking about a MOUNTAIN full of them. Having originated from the Japanese, it caused many all over the world to follow suit as well. In fact a bunch of Korean teens tried to purchased $250 worth of fries – of which they were promptly thrown out of course!

2014 – 2015: Fire Ramen Challenge

Much spicier than your chilli padi, the challenge saw participants downing bowls of alarmingly bright red noodles, recording their experiences, and sharing it online via social media in the form of videos, pictures etc. The result? Hilarious reaction ranging from gasps, watery eyes to absolutely deadpan faces finishing up the bowls were enough to pique even greater curiosity for others to try them out themselves!