For selfie and wefie addicts


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by Fitri Handa Yani
Guilty as charged, I am one of those photography fanatics who love taking pictures of food and snapping selfies just for entertainment. You can imagine my curiosity when I first heard of the Samsung Galaxy A series launch event with Pony Pockets and Benjamin Barker.

Prior to the event at Assembly Ground, we were asked to dress in an outfit that best expressed ourselves. Dismissed this crucial message as unimportant, I went with an apparel that you would probably describe as too comfortable. When I thought it was too late to change and take a picture of my #ootd, Pony Pockets saved my life!

Collaborating with Samsung for this event, Pony Pockets (an online retailer that started one year ago) and Benjamin Barker brought in their exquisitely manufactured clothing in hope to transform every one into attractive individuals. Mustering my courage, I went forward and asked for a makeover.

With wavy curls cascading down my shoulders and a floral romper that flattered my body shape, the result was better than expected. My dream to become a princess had finally come true that day!

After the transformation, I was encouraged to take selfies with the new Samsung Galaxy A series to enter the #ootd contest. My face was immediately captured in high resolution images with just a show of my palm. If you are thinking of the flaws that will be made more obvious on HD images, fret not! The real time Beauty Face function helps to retouch your skin, enlarge your eyes and slim your face before your selfies go up onto the various social media platforms. After the touch up, the final step was to post my freshly taken selfies and #ootd on Instagram. Before the event ended, we gathered for a #wefie using the Wide Selfie function to capture the memories made.

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