Google Lifehacks

Research can be a pain, and if the search engine mixes in wrong data, like saga seeds with M&Ms, you must scroll through even more pages to find what you want.

The struggle is real. So real in fact, Google is actually considering Real Time Frustration Detection to actively refine searches before you headbutt your keyboard. But in the meantime, here are 8 simple tools to help make your searches a little bit better and faster.

The Video:

The Transcript:

1) Minus Sign ()
Use this to exclude unwanted results.

  • penguin book

 2) Plus Sign (+)
Use this if you need to be clear what you mean.

  • manchester +football

3) Quotations (“ ”)
Use quotations to search for a phrase instead of a word.

  • potato chip how to make

4) Asterisk (*)
If you don’t remember the whole phrase, use asterisk to stand for missing words.

  • All about * bass by meghan trainor

5) (related:)
Helps you find sites based on similar functions.


6) ()
Lets you locate products inside a price range.

  • ipad air $500$1000

7) (filetype:)
Use this to search for specific types of files.

  • filetype:pdf romeo and juliet

A quick keyword search is often enough. But for those times it isn’t, you’re welcome!