Haunted MRTs in Singapore

The travelling ghosts

If you’re not interested in travelling all the way to town to celebrate Halloween, then guess what? Halloween is coming to you: through our MRTs. But, if you’re not the type who looks forward to meeting spirits – then make sure you avoid these stations at night!

Toa Payoh MRT

Ever seen colorless eyes staring at you at Toa Payoh MRT? Well, it could possibly be the eyes of a female spirit in a uniform who haunts this MRT. Beware, when you approach her, she is said to disappear into thin air.

Ang Mo Kio MRT

If you’re going to Ang Mo Kio MRT, buddy up folks. The white figure aka spirit at Ang Mo Kio MRT apparently targets people who are alone. You can’t miss this spirit, what with it’s yellow eyes and hooded cape. If you see it, run or better yet, snap some pictures.

Lakeside MRT

Want to see a spirit with a passion for cars? Just drop by the junction beside lakeside MRT. Apparently, this spirit once caused car accidents there consecutively, week after week. Be prepared though – don’t be in or near a car.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 5.49.16 PM

Bishan MRT

The most well known haunted station by Singaporeans, Bishan has seen many apparitions such as headless figures, phantom passengers and even some cheeky ghosts with a taste for disturbing young women. Some have even heard footsteps walking atop the train. Now how is that humanly possible when the train is underground?

Tampines MRT

Before it was an MRT station, Tampines was a graveyard. The graveyard was removed and the station was built atop. Many have said to see figures when taking the late night trains and some even the spirit of a man who committed suicide by jumping into the train tracks.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 5.48.32 PM

Woodleigh MRT

Woodleigh that currently sits on a plot where the Bidadari Cemetery was previously, is rumoured to be haunted by a white figure sitting or standing in the station facing the northeast bound platform. Given that it was completed at the end of 2002 and only began its service in 2011, this station sure does give off some creepy vibes!

Novena MRT

Novena is said to be haunted, being that the station used to be a Jewish cemetery. There have been sightings of ghostly images of coffin bearers standing on the tracks by maintenance staff while on night duty in the tunnels.

Are these stories true or false, or have these ghosts disappeared after the construction of the new MRTs? Do they travel from station to station? We don’t know. But, you might – if they happen to visit you when you’re travelling this Halloween. Do let us know if you ever find out!

 By: Annabelle Maria & Lakshmi Ganesan

Well thats strange, I been to Bishan every Tuesday and Saturday and never encounted a ghost

Still finding that Woodleigh ghost

People will believe anything they want to believe. Maybe you’re the disturbed one, seeing things that actually aren’t there. The mind likes to believe there is a higher being from us and instead of believing in God (because people dont want to be accountable for their actions) they believe in dead human spirits instead. Personally, i believe that spirits exist, but not from dead people. But where there is darkness, there is light. I believe in God and my faith triumphs, knowing that im always protected. Nothing will ever scare me.

Well, some ppl wun get to see it while some wil. My dad was an ex-supervisor for PUB sub-station. And in early days where Singapore was just developing, they were required to set up and stay in electric sub stations in rural areas. The whole team saw it………. Well, seeing spirit doesn’t mean the people dun wan to account for their actions (i see no link in this) and believing in human spirit doesn’t mean you can’t believe in GOD.

Fake. I live in Lakeside, I do not see any accident nor ever heard of any week after week. Don’t bullshit okay.

I ever saw 1 phantom passenger at Holland V.
suddenly he run out from the train very fast like nobody business. then i want to check who is he.
then vanish into thin air.

nonsense lah u all..where got such things as ghost? if restless people who died became ghost,then does it mean everyone who is Singaporean would become a ghost? since we all know how hard life is in singapore now

Even at Boon Lay Mrt also. I was once saw a white figure gliding at the platform. At that time it was ard 1 plus in the morning.. It was less than 2 years i shifted into the new house. I was walking at the pathway towards the new jurong point( b4 it was built). So I stared on the platform and the ‘Thing’ froze awhile n turn her back n glide slowly.. It was so clear tht I can even c her long black hair.. So guys if possible dun walk alone ard boon lay area alone..

I haven taken photo at novena Mrt Train , and take a young Female spirit but can’t see the Face as she facing another side . That’s few years back after I saw this this I realize is really haunted !

Yes I do believe in ghost but we must not to believe them.
I only believe to allah or the mighty one. Singapore the only
ghost spirits are the humans. They are true ghost in the world.

Hi, I am of no harm but just curious, assuming I trust that you did camp at these areas, may I know what have you find out? Kindly advice. 🙂