Haunted schools in Singapore (part 1)


We hear them all the time – stories about places that have that spooky factor to it. Legend has it that ghosts are formed when people are maliciously wronged to death or that they are spirits with unfinished business in the living realm. Their souls are therefore tied their death’s location in eternal misery. Below are some educational institution locations that have been said to consist for the departed…that never left.

no-porkOld Police Academy
For those who happened to be trained at the Old Police Academy, one piece of advice has been made available to them all: Do not ever bring pork into the camps. Naturally, there are some who disobey and challenge this advice, and what they receive is a shiver down their spine, as the sudden dip in temperature is syncopated by the rattling of bedposts and a shadow that stares at them as they fall to sleep. Every single person who has done that recalls the same exact thing. Coincidence? That’s for you to decide.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.16 pmThe Red Bridge
Located in a certain polytechnic, the story behind this infamous bridge has it that a female spirit has been lingering around after her apparent suicide off the bridge about 10 years ago. She had been beheaded by the tension of the ropes from which she had hung herself on, leaving her head swinging in midair, and body splattered on the ground. The bridge was rumoured to be repainted red after discussions with a medium to appease the haunting spirit. Many have said that you can see the face of a woman on the underside of the bridge, or the figure of a woman in white standing on the bridge late at night, and students have also been discouraged from using the bridge too.


creepshow1dCoffins beneath the surface
There’s a reason why no overnight camps are held at this certain school, as the students found out over time. With doors slamming when there’s no wind, lights malfunctioning even though they had just been recently changed, there was always something happening in the school. The school itself was perpetually shrouded in darkness at all times – and noises have been heard by residents near the school in the middle of the night as well. As it turns out, the school was constructed over an old cemetery of sorts, and sure enough, the field began to reveal shapes of old rounded coffins as the dirt over them washed away over the years.


skeleton_hand_stock_1_by_qroot_stockThe Skeleton in the Lab
Students both past and present of the school can attest to this, especially if they have had overnight camps here before. In one instance, after an entire group of students had left their CCA room – which had only two chairs in it for some team building session – and locked it up tight, one of them returned 5 minutes later (as she had forgotten something) to find that there were 10 chairs in the room, all stacked up in a pyramid. As she stared in puzzlement, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a bony hand scurrying out of the window…

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by Hidir Koh