Haunted Places of Singapore (Part 2)


As we all know, spooks don’t just haunt MRTs or schools. Featured below are some places that aren’t restricted in school grounds that you may not want to find yourselves in, unless a thrill and more is what you seek…

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.25.47 pmSt John’s Island
If you visit Saint John’s Island, you would have noticed a weird chessboard that appears in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, Saint John’s Island was a place where Prisoners of War were held captive during the World War II, and the captors were said to be malicious and cruel, spending much of their time playing chess. But this wasn’t your normal table version of chess – think Harry Potter’s Wizard’s chess, except much more brutal. With real humans as chess pieces on a chessboard, a defeated piece would mean that the prisoner who represented that piece was beheaded on the spot.

Fast forward several decades later, people could still hear the marching boots and shuffling of phantoms that lingers there.


Underpass to East Coast Park
Rumour has it that you can hear the sounds of children playing in this underpass, and at times, there would be an echo of a bouncing ball. Towards the centre of the underpass, there’s an opening that leads up to nowhere, with a handprint that claws all the way downwards and ending abruptly. Both ends of the underpass are forever shrouded in darkness too, regardless of the time of day you walk through them.


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.13.05 pmMatilda House
Built more than 110 years ago, the Matilda House was said to be one that was “impossible to demolish” by companies who have tried. There are reasons to believe this rumour, for it had stood for years in decay and dilapidation among condominiums that have sprouted all around it. It was said that contractors who have entered the house intent of demolishing it have met with terrible deaths, and people who walked past it have had the soles of their shoes falling off too. Perhaps that is why instead of demolishing it, the high-end condominium A Treasure Trove is using it as a clubhouse. One only wonders if the spooks would be having fun then…

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