Hot Pants!


The Party

By Sharon Magdalene

In celebration of his 40th anniversary in the music industry, Dick Lee has come back with a new hit – Hot Pants! With a classroom setting in the 70s, and a fine selection of cast, the musical brings the audience a memorable night of fun and laughter. The witty script and catchy numbers, blended with local humour makes it hard to keep a straight face throughout.

Denise Tan as Connie Foo

The show is full of crazy 70s characters, decked out in psychedelic disco outfits giving the whole musical its glitz and glam. And with flawless choreography and groovy tunes, the set switches effortlessly from one to the next, with veteran performers Denise Tan and TV host, Nikki Muller. Denise Tan takes on a bubbly and highly energetic role, while Nikki Muller plays the temptress and single mom, and what really resonates with the audience is that these characters portray identities that we’re all too familiar with. And with their distinct peculiarities, these memorable characters carry you well through the story’s many plot twists.

With decades of experience, Dick Lee flavoured the musical with just the right amount of humour, sentimentality and edge-of-your seat instances into the show, that at moments for sure, you could find yourself reminiscing or relating to the scenes in a complete nostalgic trance.

Be sure to catch Hot Pants, Dick Lee’s latest creation. Tickets are on sale till 30th Aug at the Drama Centre Theatre. Find out more at