Illumi Run 2015

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text by Shilpa Suresh, photos by ILLUMI RUN

People are always on the hunt to find new and exciting ways to spice up their workouts – so running events began to add crazy themes to their repertoire. The first of its kind in Asia, the Illumi Run provided a versatile platform for fitness freaks, party animals and light-show fanatics alike.

Recently celebrating its third edition in Singapore, the event was hosted at the F1 Village with  around 12,000 Illumi run participants this year. It started at 6:30pm with a pre-run DJ segment after which the participants were flagged off. The run consisted of five zones that were differentiated by a live DJ act, style of music and glow colour.

Each zone had its own unique features. Participants picked up the rhythm at Zone 1 with a combination of grunge and hip hop music, illuminated by an array of colours and fairy lights. At the second zone, orange glow water was splashed around, and runners danced to top 40’s hits while bubbles rained down.

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Things got funkier at Zone 3 with a transcendental theme that got participants thumping to hardcore beats while being immersed fog and doused with blue glow water. Many folks got their groove on at Zone 4, where they were immersed in neon pink whilst dancing to top retro hits. The run ended on a high note at Zone 5 with 3D laser displays and EDM hits played on the big stage – everyone went wild waving glow sticks and singing out loud!

For those worried about clothes getting drenched with the colourful glow water, fret not – the run provided the participants with a swing bag filled with many goodies, including safety (neon-tinged) goggles, t-shirts and wristbands which will eventually be splattered by various neon colours. You also get to try your hand at catching donut floats and other extra accessories that get thrown from the stage.

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To conclude, what was the whole experience actually like? There’s only one word to describe it – exhilarating. It was a mash up of singing, dancing, and even chanting while having a killer workout (for those that actually ran). For more information about Illumi Run, check out