Interview with Marie Purvis

Fitness Trainer with Brains and Beautymarie purvis

Sharmaine Chan

An international trainer-of-trainers, she is the brain behind the training app Nike Training Club for android and apple users. In collaboration with Nike, she has come up with a custom-built of NTC’s full-body and targeted workouts for girls of all ages and fitness levels. Want to hear the best part? It’s free!

Having been using this app, I was thrilled to be given the honour of interviewing the gorgeous Marie. Energetic and bubbly, she has managed to inspire girls all around the world to become fitter (including me!

Here is what she has to say:

What inspired you to create the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for girls?

I love working with girls that are out of college, finding ways to lose weight and tone up, maybe even trying to find the guy of their dreams (chuckles) and I could really resonate with that.

What kind of diet should I be on if I wish to keep lean and fit?

I am a huge fan of everything in moderation. My diet consists of protein, vegetables and a little bit of carbs like fruit. I do not have complex carbs and eat mostly wholefoods.

Are cheat days allowed?

Yes. I have cheat days (which keep me sane) and it is important to know that, just like how eating healthily for one meal will not make you fit, eating one unhealthy meal will not make you obese.

Do you believe in the 80/20 (80% diet, 20% exercise) rule?

A hundred percent. We can never out-train our bodies and the nutrients you feed it with. You can train your whole life being a fitness junkie but if you feed your body with the wrong foods you will never reap your true results.

Lastly, how do you keep yourself motivated?

Well, people see me every day (laughs). Therefore that serves as part of my motivation. I am a huge believer in practicing what you preach. If I show up on stage with love handles sticking out by the sides or a huge belly, I cannot possibly motivate girls to eat healthily and exercise to get fit while I do nothing. I want all the people I touch to look up to me and go “If Marie can be this resilient and fit, so can I.” and that serves as the biggest form of motivation.