Guys who carry their girlfriend’s handbag

Written by Yong Wei

As a guy, I find it totally unnecessary to even carry a bag, whenever I head out to meet up with girl friends, all I have to do is just put on a pair of shorts, sneakers and a tee, along with a pack of 3ply tissues, my HTC smartphone and my wallet.

BUT, always, when my girl friends appear, they will always be carrying a handbag that weighs at least 3kg with probably half a dozen of pouches for storing different items. I understand that girls probably have more things to carry (such as erm….tampons), but is it really a need? To carry so much stuff daily?

Watch and observe any ladies, they always have to take their own sweet time finding their EZ-link cards when taking the buses! There are many things I hate about ladies with handbags:

  • They take forever to search for something
  • Every single compartment is occupied with something they probably never use.
  • They always end up in my hands for hours as we went shopping.

Imagine if one day you booked out after a day in camp, be it army or….just a scouts camp, and you decide to meet up with your girlfriend or your girl friend, and she asks you to carry her handbag for her because she’s “tired”. I would have gone mad by then! If she knows she can’t handle the weight of her handbag, why carry a handbag? Girls should know they look beautiful the way they are, they don’t need all those expensive makeup kits! Neither do they need to bring out bottles of perfume; come on girls, the shampoo you girls use already smell darn good, it’s addictive. So far, I don’t know any of my girl friends that have any body odour.

And guys, you know you don’t like to carry handbags, you like freedom, you like to carry nothing, you want your hands to be free, so why torture yourself with a handbag, I know as much as a gentlemen we want to be, but when you’re angry/tired or just don’t feel like doing anything, Say “NO”, in a nice way, and see how those girls react! HA!

So girls, 自动 a little bit lah, sometimes I do help, but can you girls not put so many things in your handbag? Such as:

  • Perfumes
  • Makeup kit
  • Laptop
  • Dozens of keychains everywhere
  • A whole pack of sanitaries (I don’t know if you’re really having PMS daily)
  • Other barang barangs I don’t even know if you use.

In fact, I don’t even know how girls usually handle all of it, I don’t even know how you all fit everything inside!