LASALLE-Asian Fashion Graduate Showcase(AFGS)

Project Runaway: Here’s an Asian take to it!showcase

By: Cristie Kennedy and Sugenya Manogaran

Project runway, America’s next top model. These are two shows that always reign supreme, when it comes to fashion. Our minds and hearts resonate with them so well. But what about our local designers here?

There is a side to fashion that hasn’t appeared just as obvious yet, and it lies not in local stores, but in our young talented students with the passion to create a bold fashion statement. This was evident at the inaugural Asian Fashion Graduate Showcase held at Lasalle College of Arts last week. 4 institutions, 4 cities, 80 garments and 15 designers, all set to give the word ‘fashion’ a new definition.

As the clock struck 8pm, lights shone bright, pumped up music reverberated across the theatre and the show kick-started with models strutting the walkway. Each designer’s inspiration oozed out as evidence from the model’s accessories, shoes and even choice of material for the outfit.showcase 2

In Louisa Chung’s collection, the models came out in pairs and dazzled us with the choice of outfits. The male model wore a simple bathrobe, while the female was clad in a beautiful wedding gown complete with accessories. Minimalist with elegance – an interesting yet bold concept portrayed.

Make an impression with what you wear; this was clearly defined in Edison Wong’s collection. As the models walked out, intricate black masks covered their faces. They were dressed in palettes of monotones ranging from black; brown and white alongside ruffles, and our eyes were glued to these details.

Another interesting collection that caught our attention was the one designed by Valencia. The models were clad in navy black and blue outfits. What tremendously stood out were their spyglasses, portraying a rather futuristic feel. A collection that was well thought out, and executed strongly.

As the winners were crowned, something then resonated within us. Though not the first, Lasalle had been awarded the 2nd and 3rd prizes for their creations. With interesting prints and great intricacy with sharp execution, there was an evident local touch. Western inspirations aside, our local designers still stayed to their roots and kept it local. We knew it the moment we saw it.

You know as Heidi Klum says, ‘In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.’  Each designer crossed his or her own boundaries with a bold idea and smart execution. Interested in the fashion industry? Step out and be bold, just like them.