Last Week in P*rn


There’s porn about everything. Literally, every single thing (see Rule 34). The proof?

Exhibit A




And C


Now it’s also everywhere. Literally, every freakin’ where.

In fridges


The internet-of-things may conjure up glowing images of integrated homes where multiple web-enabled household appliances operate with the synchronised ease of Iron Man’s Jarvis. At least with smart fridges however, that concept can now go even further. Apart from functioning like an iPad with the portability of an anvil, the smart fridge’s web-enabled touchscreen apparently allows for streaming of pornography right into your kitchen. Food and bare bodies have certainly mixed before (see Nyotaimori), but swapping bananas with dildos definitely comes with an “ew” factor.

On the highway


Traffic in Jakarta is legendarily bad – but motorists were at least entertained when a hacker gained control of a massive advertising billboard and streamed porn live at rush hour. The steamy video played for ten minutes in front of slow moving traffic (both the amused and horrified) before the power was yanked – but of course, phone videos of the incident immediately went viral on social media. Following a weekend manhunt, a 24 year-old IT analyst has been arrested and faces up to six years in jail for his civic contribution irresponsible prank.

At least the video stream didn’t actually stop traffic dead like this pair did.
Where it is really not wanted


On a serious note, while connoisseurs among you are no doubt aware of the popularity of Japanese porn in Asia, there’s been a rising tide of dark tales about the extremely shady recruitment and casting taking place in the industry. There’s been a spate of stories about women being told they were being recruited to model, only to be forced to become porn actresses, and being kept from running away by threats, scare tactics and deceptive contracts – dealing a real blow to Japan’s supposedly first world image, as a safe, law-abiding country.

But at least porn has brought its share of laughs this week, too (sexy fridges and billboard trolling, oh my!).