Laws of Attraction



It’s no secret that men and women behave differently in many aspects of courtship. Men tend to be to the point, while women tend to beat around the bush. While, granted, numerous studies don’t have much diversity in their research subjects, some of these facts and traits that have been unearthed are not that uncommon in everyone.

Women are pickier than men
According to a report on the New York Times, men are almost three times as likely to swipe right on Tinder than women. Take into account that biologically speaking, females have more to lose than men.

However, a 2009 study in Psychological Science has found that women are only choosier if they’re approached by men – after swapping the roles, it was the men who were the picky ones. This could mean that it’s not that women were picky with mates, it’s probably that men were often making the first move.

Men don’t get jealous as much as women

Both genders do experience jealousy, although men and women react to different aspects of infidelity. According to psychotherapist Michael Formica, women tend to get more jealous if their partner has emotional links with another woman, while men tend to react violently if their partner gets physical with another man.

Women are attracted to facial hair
Facial hair has always indicated virility and authority, and recently it’s become a hipster badge of honour. But beware – not any beard will do for women. Strike off those patchy ones that make you look like you’re molting, and discount the Papa Smurf full beard or the sketchy stalker-like mustache. A 2013 Australian study showed that the most attractive length of beard is the ‘heavy stubble’ that comes after 10 days of growth (for those who aren’t follically-challenged, that is).