Get hot in the kitchen with Lemon Zest


lemoncampus1Bringing fun and style to the kitchen, Lemon Zest doesn’t just inspire you to change out every appliance in your home, but also to start learning to whip up wonderful dishes to sensibly match the money you feel like spending on the nicely designed kitchen items at Lemon Zest.

Transporting you into a pots and pans wonderland, it may seem daunting at first (with all the oddly-shaped, unfamiliar silicone moulders and handy appliances), but once you get your head around what an oval glass-drizzler or a semisphere poacher does, you’ll probably want to start cooking.

The kitchen items are trendy looking, and they look expensive, like those kinds you buy in departmental stores at high end malls. Then again of course, these pragmatic and wear resistant products come with an acceptable price tag, and a chance to wow whichever guest that pops by your kitchen for a glass of wine. Even for those planning to furnish their swanky new kitchens, the variety of pots, pans, spoons, etc., available will suit every cooking enthusiast.

They even have a mini-library of cookbooks, ranging from traditional recipes to tricky methods on how to sneak in vegetables into a kid’s meal. Perfect for those exploring new and fun ways to concoct something in the kitchen. Along with that is a pretty collection of wearables. After all, just because you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to look like you have. Not only you get to look good with a stylish apron on, you will also be protecting yourself from any hot spills.

They have a multitude of items, and carry vintage looking kitchen objects as well as sleek, state of the art ones that look very futuristic. Even if you’re not much of a kitchen person, there’s bound to be an item perfect to be gifted to a friend or family.