LOL With 6 Viners



By Debbi Tan

Vine, an app launched in 2013, enables users to record videos with a maximum length of 6 seconds. Ranging from different topics like animals, art and news, one topic that has grabbed the most attention is none other than comedy. Here are 6 Viners and their funniest Vines yet. You’ve been warned to not watch them in public, as you will literally LOL.

1. Jerome Jarre

Ice Ice Kiki

A French living in New York City, Jerome has the motto in life to make people smile. He does the silliest, but hilarious, things like speaking loudly on a train in NYC, to taking selfies with squirrels in the park. His boldness and YOLO-ness deserves a round of applause. He doesn’t care about what others think. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t understand his accent at first, you’ll get the hang of it. Check out his Twitter (@jeromejarre) for daily dose of happiness and motivation to keep you going throughout the day, and more of his Vines here:

Such a cute poodle…

The #1 rule in life: Selfies with everything

2. LeLe Pons

Lele Pons

Hailing from Miami, LeLe does plenty of “Do It For The Vine” videos, which shows her fearlessness like smashing a cake into the bride’s face during a wedding photo shoot, and jumping onto the back of a truck and being driven away with it. These Vines will leave your mouth agape, wondering if it’s planned or not. Her videos of reality V.S. fantasy are spot on too. Check out more of Lele’s Vines here:

Thank God for puberty.

I’m not going to do it.

3. Christian Delgrosso


One thing that makes Christian stands out amongst the other Viners is the different facial expressions he does. You’ll have to see it to believe it. He makes videos of parents’ logic and friendship, which he does with other Viners. From singing off-key in the shower to killing a spider in the apartment, you’ll get hooked and forget about time. Check out more of Christian’s Vines here:

I can’t even.

None for you, Glen Coco.

4. Alx James


Alx is known for doing Vines in his car about his daily life. His Vines include the things we are afraid to mention, like not willing to pay for a friend’s share at a drive-through after several times. He even invented his own term called Waterbugs, which is used as a verb to ignore the haters. Check out more of Alx’s Vines here:

I’m about to have a BF.

How to say no to a friend… in the most polite manner.

5. Nicholas Megalis


Known for his song Gummy Money (you’ll start rapping to it in no time, especially the chorus), Nicholas sings and writes hilarious tunes, all within 6 seconds. It’s so good that it will leave you wanting more and wonder why it isn’t a full song. Check out more of Nicholas’s Vines here:

I swear my girlfriend was here a moment ago.

Street cleaning is a job, right?

Last but not least…

6. Rudy Mancuso


22 year-old Viner Rudy sings, dances and plays the guitar. He Vines a wide range of things, either making music with household appliances or annoying his mother. Height wise, other Viners tend to tower over Rudy, but he doesn’t let it affect him. He’s made videos of him embracing his height, with the help of his other petite friends too. Who needs to be 6’1 when you’ve got friends to help you reach the top shelf? Check out more of Rudy’s Vines here:

This is how we roll.

You are my brother from another mother.

Which one of these is your favourite? If you’re ever feeling down, be sure to check out Vine. It will leave a smile on your face in no time.