Long Weekends to Look Forward to in 2020

By Lindsay Wong

2020 will present Singaporeans with seven long weekends – three Mondays have been declared holidays because the public holiday falls on a Sunday. There are ten public holidays in total (not including 1 January). Below is a table that lists out the dates of public holidays and what days of the week it falls on. The highlighted dates in yellow are the seven long weekends.

Public holiday schedule for Singapore 2020

As the second day of Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and National Day all fall on Sundays, the immediate Monday has been designated a public holiday.

Long weekends are the perfect opportunity to make a short and quick getaway nearby or even just for a staycation. It’s best to book holidays early to avoid high costs. If you plan your holidays carefully, you may be able to maximise your holidays by taking advantage of these seven long weekends next year.