Guys Who Cosplay, and They Have Abs

UPDATED (03/04/2020) with new cosplayers! Scroll down for more!

Male cosplayers are becoming more popular as the cosplay community expands. Cosplaying everything from game characters to superheroes and anime figures, male cosplayers put just as much time and dedication into their craft. These guys prove that dressing up as a character (and putting on makeup) does not make them nerdy – these guys have physiques the average guy would kill for, and the average girl would go googly-eyed over.

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Leon Chiro

A huge fitness and games enthusiast, Leon is a popular guest at conventions worldwide. Though famous for cosplaying game characters like Gladiolus (Final Fantasy) and Dante (DMC), he’s also into characters like All Might (Boku no Hero Academia) and Disney’s Gaston. We got to interview him when he was in Singapore in 2017! (Italy)

Lorentz Iwood

Lorentz is not only a fitness enthusiast, he’s a passionate prop-maker, and even sells his craft on Etsy. A regular guest at conventions, he’s cosplayed as Cloud (Final Fantasy) and Bakugo (Boku no Hero Academia). (USA)

Sudarso Brothers

Yoshi is on the left as Makoto in Free!

Yoshi and his brother Peter are both models, cosplayers, and actors in the Power Rangers series. They also occasionally cosplay together, most recently as Saki and Sakuyo from Magical Princess. (Indonesia, USA)

Thames Malerose

A popular cosplayer, Thames known for his incredibly detailed Japanese-style costumes from anime and games. He’s also the bassist of a Visual K band, MALEROSE, and has a talent for art. (Thailand)


Usako became fully immersed in the world of cosplay after dressing up as Ace (One Piece) in 2011. He’s super thorough in his makeup and clothing when he’s in character, and he’s always been into fitness even before his interest in cosplay. (Japan)

JPparkGuardian (サーバル様 Mr. Serval)

A bodybuilder who has a thing for cosplay, JoJo and cats, Mr. Serval attends comicons together with fellow cosplayer Usako. His signature look is basically topless and he never shows his face (he wears a variety of masks). (Japan)

Rage Gear Props

Photo by @kat.sumii

Rage Gear Props is a prop maker who has a thing for foam and swords, but he also cosplays, especially characters from Boku no Hero Academia (mostly as Kirishima). He’s also a regular comicon attendee. (USA)

Alex Drastal

Photo by @elizabethrage

A model, actor, and cosplayer, Alex is all about variety. He occasionally crossplays as Princess Leia (Star Wars), but he does have a wide repertoire of characters from manga and fantasy, and isn’t afraid to show skin. (USA)


A relatively new face to the cosplay scene, Phunamation only has 169 posts on his Instagram, but already has over 16,000 fans. He’s cosplayed characters from My Hero Academia, and also has an Etsy wig store. (USA)


Photo by

Sho Emerson runs Studio Shonin, where he cosplays a wide range of characters, from games to anime and even NSFW stuff – and they’re all for sale on Etsy and Patreon. (USA)


Photo by @azayaka_photography

Zen is an amateur cosplayer with great abs, and is most often seen cosplaying Kakashi of Naruto or Ichigo of Bleach – usually the topless versions. (USA)

David Zheng

Photo by @joseizquierdophotography

After retiring from his job at a ripe age of 28, fitness enthusiast dazed_senpai is now more devoted to his love of cosplay. He’s also becoming a regular fixture at egames and cons. (USA)


Image by @punkcrocs

His Instagram handle, churrosandflan, suggests that he has a sweet tooth (although he works out hard – check the abs!). He’s a regular con attendee, cosplaying classic characters from Star Wars, Dragon Ball, and FFVII. (USA)

Jayem Sison

An avid fitness enthusiast, Jayem is also a collector of figurines, traveller, car enthusiast, and a photographer. Although not a full-time, active cosplayer, he’s best known for cosplaying as Grey Fullbuster from Fairy Tail. (USA)

Pixelcosplay (aka Louis)

German cosplayer Louis (pixelcosplay) has been cosplaying since 2015, and has appeared as a wide variety of characters ranging from Cloud Strife (FF) to Deku (Boku No Hero Academia), Caster Gilgamesh (Fate/Grand Order) and Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians). (Germany)

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These guys may just be the tip of the iceberg, as more and more fit dudes are getting in on the cosplay game (and more cosplayers are getting in on the fitness game – check out a number of tags like #saiyanworkout, #fitgeek or #onepunchmanworkout).

Do you know any other cosplayers who fit in this category?