Meet these gorgeous Korean male fitness models |

fitness models

You may be used to seeing gorgeous Korean actors and idols on your socials, whether or not you stan them, but there’s another group of Korean guys who’ve largely been overlooked – even though they’re influencers and celebrities in their own right. We’re talking about hunky bodybuilders!

If your image of a ‘bodybuilder’ is a dude with an artificially-tanned body and bulging muscles with a fierce, angry face, then these South Korean guys will completely surprise you (well, except for the muscle bit).

Here are some South Korean fitness influencers who not only have ultra fit bods, but also gorgeous looks. Some of these guys have angelic/cute faces that look like they don’t belong to their toned, muscled bodies – you have been warned!

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Jin Jinhyuk

Watch babyfaced personal trainer Jinjyuk prepare desserts and model in his IG feed.


This ex-Fitness Korea champion is also a professional model and CEO of a gym.

Ilseo Park

Ilseo is (unsurprisingly) an underwear model, and he’s also a dad to an adorable toddler!


He’s an exercise expert – and it shows – who happens to also have an underwear line.


He goes by the name Banana, and this babyfaced hunk also has a Youtube vlog which is mostly mukbang.

Gyeong Hun Park

A past participant of Mister International Korea, Gyeong Hun also has a vlog where you can see him modeling in action.

Minwoo Kang

According to his profile, he does sports and real estate. And he’s a gym addict, which is pretty obvious.


Jungwoo is a dog lover, and his cute Shiba Inu features quite frequently on his IG feed.

Kim Seung Wook

Seung Wook, like many fitness influencers, is a personal trainer, who happens to go by the name ‘Kim Hardy’.

Choi Kichan (Chan)

Nothing much is known about Chan, but he’s definitely a gym addict after losing weight!

You can easily go down the rabbit hole of male fitness models! These guys represent just a small fraction of fitness influencers in South Korea.