Marley headphones perform like a song

A review of in-ear headphones Redemption Song

By Clara Lock, photos courtesy of House of Marley

Naming your ear candy after an icon as ubiquitous as Bob Marley carries with it certain expectations. Especially when your earphones look as good as they do.

International audio brand House of Marley, which will soon be making waves in Singapore, features in-ear headphones Redemption Song as part of their Freedom collection.

The brand, which prides itself on being environmentally conscious and sustainable, has crafted a natural, wood-based design for the headphones, which also promises to deliver an authentic sound and hit hard on the bass.

The overall package is earthy yet trendy, a rugged pair of headphones that would not look out of place at a reggae music festival, with a quality finish that will hold up to your Rastafarian lifestyle.

Never mind that hippies are hardly commonplace in spiffed up Singapore – House of Marley wants to bring back the reggae movement as it markets its products.

The headphones, we are glad to report, deliver on sound quality as impressive as their appearance.

Packaged with five different sizes of ear tips so you can find your best fit, the noise cancelling function works wonderfully – so wonderfully, in fact, that ambient noise can become disorientating in the first couple of minutes after you remove them.

But this also means you can isolate yourself in your music even on the bus at peak hour, eliminating much of the pain from your daily commute.

Sound wise, these headphones perform best on all your favourite club anthems, and anything else with a strong bass line. While the audio quality of quieter numbers in a higher register may not blow you away, the listening experience is always enjoyable, competent enough are these headphones to deliver in every range.

An added touch is the volume control button found just before the Y-split, which responds well to touch and is integrated nicely into the product design. This attention to design is also evident in the cable, a 52 inch fabric woven cord in black, green, red and yellow that has a durable feel and complements the warm tones of the headphones.

The result is a solid, well-crafted pair of headphones, which more than do justice to the Jamaican singer-songwriter. Fashionistas will appreciate their appearance, but more importantly, audiophiles will buy them for their sound quality.