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Thai hotties

You’ve probably already spent all your time at home ogling at Korean hotties, and if you’re wonder where else you can find more eye candy, then look no further than one of our ASEAN neighbours: Thailand.

Updated: Here are some new faces in Thai BL

Many of these guys achieved fame by starring in Boy’s Love (BL) dramas. For a change of pace, here are some of the hottest actors from the land of smiles. Their names listed are their nicknames, followed by their Thai first names.

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Mew Suppasit

He’s one half of the hottest Thai BL drama couple from last year’s hit series “TharnType”. With his gorgeous, expressive eyes, Mew is a model/actor who’s also a proficient musician and entrepreneur. As if that’s not enough, he’s got a Master’s in Industrial Engineering!

Max Nattapol

Since his co-starring role in the Thai BL series “Together With Me” (and the sequel, “The Next Chapter”) with Tul Pakorn, Max has been noticed for his ripped physique and boyish face (and playful demeanor). He recently co-starred in “Manner of Death” on WeTV with Tul.

Tul Pakorn

Max’s bestie and co-star in Thai BL series “Together With Me” and “Manner of Death”, Tul is also an architect who plans to further his studies in Columbia University. He’s multi-talented: he plays multiple musical instruments and speaks 4 languages.

Great Sapol

Model, singer, and actor Great shot to fame in Thai drama “Manner of Death” and recently released a song entitled “คิดได้” (Too Little, Too Late)“ with Kao Noppakao in September 2020 as part of the “Boyfriends” project.

Kao Noppakao

Kao is a rising star in the BL scene, shooting to feverish fame after starring as Nubsib in the highly popular series, Lovely Writer alongside co-star Up Poompat. Fans have been appreciating his boyish charm on-screen, along with his sculpted arms.

Kuan Denkhun

This model/actor not only has a gorgeous face, but also a super ripped body (abs!) to go along with it. Kuan’s also a super talented guitarist – actually, Denkhun plays a range of instruments and sings too – and for excitement, he’s also a kickass dirt bike rider.

Tommy Sittichok

As a model/actor at 175cm, he oozes boyish charm and singing talent. He’s appeared in the BL drama “Why RU” which showcased his talent for comedy. Plus, his dimples can really shoot an arrow into your heart.

Bright Vachirawit

Currently a rising star from the 2020 hit BL drama “2gether: The Series”, Bright is of Thai-American heritage. This model/host/actor is known for his luscious lips, and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Best Anavil

Best is a former member of Thai boy band Evo Nine. He studied at Temasek JC before moving on to study architecture in Thailand. With raw talent for dance choreography and his impressive physique (abs!), he’s now foraying into acting.

Podd Suphakorn

Unlike many actors on this list, he started off as a business owner (a chicken wing joint) and a qualified chef. Podd shot to fame for his supporting role in the BL dramas “Kiss Me Again” and “Dark Blue Kiss”, and most recently as the lead in “Tonhon Cholantee”.

Nat Sakdatorn

Nat may be the oldest hottie on this list at 37, he definitely doesn’t look it. He’s an accomplished musician (check out his 4-language cover of Let It Go) and actor – and he’s got a great physique to boot! Plus, he majored in Economics at Harvard University.

God Itthipat

At 190cm, he’s the tallest guy on this list. God started out as a model who then forayed into acting with his debut role in the BL drama “2Moons: The Series”. As a fashion lover, he has his own clothing line called xxgstore.

Net Siraphop

Net made his debut in a horror comedy Make Me Shudder (2013), and has made his foray into BL dramas, first as a guest star in YDestiny (2021) and then as the main actor in Bed Friend.

Luke Ishikawa

Luke is a Japanese-American who recently moved from the US to carve a career in acting in Thailand; he speaks Thai and English. With his looks, charisma, and physique (abs!) he’s one actor to look out for.

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What do you think of this list of Thai hotties? They’re just the tip of the iceberg – there are plenty more to look out for from the Land of Smiles.