Top 4 Mountain Biking Trails in Singapore

When people think of Singapore, they think of roads, malls and HDBs. It is the last place one would expect to find good mountain biking trails. Yet there are several good places where enthusiasts can have a challenging ride through the jungle.

Chestnut Trail ©CNA

Chestnut Nature Park

On Saturday, 2 April, the first half of Chestnut Nature Park opened to the public, featuring separate hiking and biking trails. Comprising of 17 hectares and located next to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, it has a 1.6km mountain biking trail and a 2.1km hiking trail. When it is completed, both trails will be about 5 to 6km long. The trail is moderately challenging, with some narrow tracks and steep slopes.

Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah

The oldest mountain bike trail in Singapore, the total distance of this loop is 6km. Ranging in skill levels from moderate to difficult, it consists of mostly of single track, with steep climbs, fun downhill runs and sharp turns, providing something for most skillsets. Access is available from the various trailheads along the loop, with the most common points being the Visitor Centre Carpark at Hindhede Road, and at the Dairy Farm Car Park which has shower and washing facilities.

Kent Ridge

Kent Ridge

Located along Pasir Panjang Rd, just off South Buona Vista Rd, Kent Ridge MTB is a difficult 2km+ loop of single track that provides some of the most challenging and technical downhill riding in Singapore. It should only be attempted by riders of at least intermediate skill, as the trail is very narrow and undulating, requiring a lot of care to navigate. Riders can expect hilly terrain, with lots of twists that turns that will require at least a few attempts to master.

Ketam Track

Ketam Mountain Bike Park, Pulau Ubin

A great place for cyclists of all skill levels, the 10km of track at Ketam Mountain Bike Park is worth the ferry ride over there. It is the first park in Singapore to meet international standards for mountain biking competitions, and caters to both leisure cycling and international competitions. Trails include steep slopes, narrow tracks, tricky obstacles, sharp corners and drop-offs. Getting there will require a short boat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal, costing $4.50 for a one way trip.

For those looking for a challenging outdoor adventure, there are enough trails here to provide an exciting experience for any skill level. From blood pumping downhill runs to leg-busting inclines, and the need to navigate sharp corners and tricky obstacles, there’s lots of fun to be had when you hit the jungle trails that Singapore has to offer.