[Movie Review] The Walk


by Chua Wei Ling

If you have a fear of heights, then this movie may not be one that you would want to catch (especially so in IMAX). However, before you let your fears conquer you, check out our review and judge for yourself if you should take a chance and catch this movie that is due to be out in tomorrow on the 22nd of October!

Based on a true story, Philippe Petit is the only man who has, and will stay as such, as the only person to have walked between the immense void between the World Trade Center towers of America. Aided by a band of ‘accomplices’ – friends that he makes along his way to attempt the feat known as ‘le coup’, he is also guided by his real-life mentor, Papa Rudy of a travelling circus in the accomplishment of such a feat.

The movie starts off in black and white, depicting Philippe in his early stages as a street performer, and how he comes into knowledge about the twin towers which were being built. Using a first person narrative, spoken from the point of view of Philippe,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt specifically learned to speak French fluently, and perfected a Parisian accent which he maintained throughout the movie. Combining fact-based drama together with thrilling visuals and actions particularly towards the end, the movie builds up in terms of thrill in the audience as everyone sits in anticipation of the great walk – a gradual but effective crescendo of actions to say the least. With CG-rendered shots of top down views of New York City from the buildings, the audience is kept breathless and immersed at the same time of what Philippe is feeling at the time he attempted his feat.

We won’t spoil you with the in-depth details of this movie, but if the grandeur of New York City from high above piques your interest and your curiosity, do give this movie a go.

The Walk will be out in cinemas from 22 October onwards.