Munchy Monday: Working Title


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Located on Arab Street on the first floor of a hostel, Working Title is a no-frills quaint little cafe that has an interesting backstory and name to it. Called “Working Title” as the cafe owners were in the midst of thinking what to call the cafe as they were made to take over the space due to some issues and having zero F&B knowledge, it ended up stuck in the minds of many and thus stayed as such till today.

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Iced Dirty Bandung – $6.50 Cookies & Cream Smoothie – $8 Peanut Butter Smoothie – $8

The cafe boast a good range of coffee available, ranging for the normal espressos to interesting flavours such as Piccolo latte and even bandung latte as well. We were first served with the Iced Dirty Bandung ($6.50), which is a mixture of rose syrup added into latte. The colours layered out make it aesthetically pleasing when it arrives at the table, and while it looked really sweet, it was not, and there was a hint of rose scent as an aftertaste. The coffee flavour on the other hand was much more notable that the rose syrup really.

Cookies and Cream Smoothie ($8) and Peanut Butter Smoothie ($8) were both slightly sweeter, but the sweetness level was balanced due to the presence of coffee. If you are like Ah Boon who is adventurous in trying out new stuff, you might like the Peanut Butter Smoothie as it is really interesting – slightly salty like peanut butter but with the taste of coffee and milk, the blend goes very well together and not come off as strange.

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Darkwing Duck – $15

The signature dish of the cafe, the Darkwing Duck burger ($15) is filled with smoked duck, greens, cheddar cheese, a sunny side-up egg, tomatoes and Hoisin sauce. The fusion of east and west – smoked duck and Asian roasted duck sauce, the Hoisin sauce, is a nice change from the usual burgers as the tangy and sweet sauce is not too overpoweringly heavy on taste. Served with cheese & the sunny side-up egg which oozes out when cut, it is an interesting combination of flavours. The best part too, is that it is also served with an equally good helping of curly fries to satisfy your hunger too.

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Garlic Butter Mussels – $14

For snacks, the Garlic Butter Mussels ($14) is a great choice to have to share amongst friends too, as it was served at a nice portion with lots of stock and juicy and large mussels too. Ah Boon enjoyed the stock so much that he even dipped the curly fries into it too, which goes to say how good the stock really was!

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Aglio olio with smoked salmon and mushroom ($?)

We managed to get a preview of one of the new dish that the cafe was going to serve when we were there then, which was the Aglio olio with smoked salmon and mushrooms. Lemon juice was squeezed ontop of the smoked salmon, giving it a zesty taste to it. For those who don’t take spicy food though, do let them know in advance as this was slightly spicy for some of us.

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The cafe is small but cosy, with a somewhat open-air area towards the back of the establishment. There are sofas seats which makes it really comfortable to spend time here on a late afternoon. Menu changes frequently once every 3 months, so the variety of food is kept new and fresh to all customers, even returning ones. Every staff in the cafe pitches in with the food and makes the drinks too, so you know you won’t be kept waiting for your food when there’s a crowd.

The price range for the cafe is pretty much similar to other cafes, but it is kept affordable nonetheless. Serving portions are also nice and good, so much so that you will not be leaving hungry still as with some other cafes.


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48 Arab St,
Singapore 199745

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 11.00am – 11pm


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Heard from friends that ‘working title’ is a good place to chill during the weekends! Would like to try it someday!:) The 3 dishes are darkwing duck, garlic butter mussels and aglio olio with smoked salmon and mushroom.