Museum of Horrors


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by Samantha Lee

It is that time of the year again, when folks all around the world dress up as supernatural figures or showcase their “alter ego”. Skillfully carved pumpkins, caramel coated apples and buckets of sweet treats await the door-knocks. These are what Halloween is made of.

Although trick-or-treating is not as commonplace here in Singapore, that should not stop you from soaking in the festivities!

The Museum of Horrors (MOH) has returned this year for its fifth edition with The Relic. “Unearthed from the deep sands in the Middle East is a relic so mysterious, it is believed to belong to a long-lost city as enigmatic as the Atlantis. Estimated to be over 2,000 years old, little is known about the idol-like ornament, the race it belonged to, and why the race was eradicated so suddenly that virtually no record of its existence exits today.”

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Brace yourself as you step into maze of horror, where the dark weakens your sense of sight and direction. Once you are in there, there is no other way but to brave through the many rooms of terror until you finally find the exit.

Along your path, you will be entering several realistic diorama sets such as Cabin in the Woods, The Medical Laboratory, Revenge of the Doll and The Creepy Funhouse. A tiny part of the trail expects you to put on your 3D glasses. The colourful neon scribbles and 3D effect would temporarily put you in an overwhelming state of confusion and just when you least expect it, a ghastly looking lady scurries right up and scares the wits out of you. Piercing screams and moans of pain could be heard throughout, making your hair stand on end.

And here is an insight for all you horror lovers: the infamous possessed Annabelle doll would be right in the maze, patiently awaiting your arrival. As to where exactly she will be, it is for you to find out yourself. Just make sure to keep your guard up!