Nastya Nudnik's Emoji Nation


Most of us are all too familiar with using emojis – we use them to express our happiness, anger, and basically any other emotion that we’re too lazy to spell out. This was the basis for Ukrainian artist Nastya Nudnik’s latest collection of artwork: Emoji Nation.

In an era where classic artworks are constantly being reinterpreted, Nastya’s take is an inventive one. Combining modern-day emojis and other computer elements with centuries-old artwork has certainly given them a new lease of life – if not a whole new tongue-in-cheek interpretation. Here are some of our local takes:


A constant struggle with Singapore’s telcos…


What happens when the lift breaks down.


When Google can’t help you write your assignment.


That person you just love to hate.


Tinder talk.


Google Street View of Orchard Road during Christmas.