Netflix and Chill with these shows

Netflix has pretty much taken over the world, haven’t they? Personally, it’s become my go-to entertainment source these days, so much so I don’t even watch regular television anymore. My remote control even has a dedicated button that leads you straight to Netflix. Netflix and chill has even made its way to our daily lingo. 

If you’re new to the world of endless binge-watching possibilities, let me show you the light and get you started on your binge-watching journey (warning: it’s going to be life-changing and will affect your productivity levels, not in a good way).

If you’re completely new to the binge-watching game, make sure your food, drinks and snacks are within an arm’s reach. Ain’t nobody got time to grab them from the kitchen. If you’re wondering when’s the best time to start your binge-watching marathon? Any time. What to watch? There are thousands of shows and movies that will suit your every mood, but for convenience’s sake, I’ve narrowed down everyone’s favourites just for you.

Up for some supernatural or science-fiction?

Stranger Things

If you’re always feeling nostalgic about the 80s and 90s, then this would be a perfect binge for you. It’s as if the Twilight Zone and X-Files had a baby. It’s set in the 80s and centres around four children who find out that their town is hiding a supernatural secret. It became an instant hit when it first came out in 2016 and currently has two seasons, with a third and fourth confirmed and on their way.

Black Mirror

What’s interesting about Black Mirror is that each episode is a different story. This is great if you’re one of those people that can never quite commit to watching an entire TV series from start to finish. The premise of Black Mirror is like when horror meets science-fiction, and it gives you a hard reality check on the dynamics of the society that we live in today. Each episode is equally perturbing and intense, leaving you rather cynical about the world we live in after each episode.

American Horror Story

Who doesn’t love Ryan Murphy, right? If you’re looking for a series that has a good storyline and is full of terrifying, stomach-curdling and gory scenes, American Horror Story is going to take you on a wild ride, filled with plot twists and unexpected turns of events. My personal favourite out of all the seasons? Mad House a.k.a the first season.

Craving for some crime?


Mindhunter’s one of those shows that creep up on you. It follows a detective who goes around prisons to visit and interview serial killers and murderers to find out what exactly makes them tick while solving ongoing cases. If you’ve always wondered what goes on in the minds of criminals, this show’s the right one for you.


The story of Pablo Escobar instantly draws you into his world of drugs, money and gangs. It’s crazy to think about how he basically ruled Columbia and was rich enough to land himself on the Forbes International Billionaire’s list, all from doing something illegal! This show encapsulates the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, and let me tell you: this show’s one hell of a ride.

Ready to laugh your belly out?

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Short, easy, fun and hilarious. The hallmarks of a great television show to binge on. With 5 seasons, it never fails to entertain and make you laugh with its funny one liners and the dysfunctional group of characters that work for the NYPD. This show is all about humour, friendship and it’ll leave you wanting so much more.

The Good Place

With 2 full seasons (and the third one releasing by the episode), this show is, I think, one of the funniest around. The premise revolves around death and the afterlife. The recently-deceased protagonist, Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, finds herself spending her afterlife in the Good Place even though she was a less than compassionate person in her previous life. She begins to learn how to be nicer in order to fit in among the real good people and tries to hilariously get rid of her old ways. If that doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what would.

Not much drama in your life?  


If you’re a fan of puns and zombies, you’re in for a treat. Based on a comic book series, iZombie is one of the most underrated television series I’ve watched. It’s incredibly funny and it actually makes me wish I was a zombie like the protagonist, Liv. She makes the most delicious meals out of human brains, I’m not even kidding. Seriously. Watch it.

How I Met Your Mother

If you’re intimidated by the fact that this series is nine seasons long, don’t be. Because binge-watching them through is a breeze. Seriously, you won’t even realise that you’re nearing the end. Until they actually reveal how Ted met the mother of his children. I personally didn’t quite get the hype behind this show when it was still airing but it’s growing on me now as I’m halfway through season 4.

Orange is the New Black

I think this was the show that really put Netflix on the map of television world. When the show first premiered, Netflix wasn’t available in Singapore, so I had to watch it on other *ahem* streaming sites and boy, I was done with the entire season in two days. The series is about the inmates at a minimum-security women’s prison in Connecticut. Also, the show has an incredible and mega talented cast, from Crazy Eyes played by the great Uzo Adubo to smokin’ hot Ruby Rose.

by Nurfaizah Faizuwan