New crop of Thai BL actors to look out for |

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By now you may have noticed that Thailand has a huge industry producing BL drama – and their popularity has gone way beyond Southeast Asia. We’ve introduced a number of hot Thai actors here, but since then, there’s been a large crop of new actors coming onto the BL genre scene.

This list comprises BL drama debutantes as well as young actors with a long list of dramas under their belt.

Mix Sahaphap

Mix is currently gaining popularity in his role as Tian, the co-lead who volunteers to teach in a remote mountain village in the currently-airing BL drama A Tale of a Thousand Stars (or 1,000 Stars, นิทานพันดาว) alongside Earth Pirapat. Born 1998, Mix is an actor and singer, and also a student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Chulalongkorn University.

Kao Noppakao

Kao (aka Ninth; 9th; Nine) is a model and actor – he was one of the main leads in the 2019 BL series Until We Meet Again, and will take the main role of Nubsib, an an actor in the upcoming BL drama Lovely Writer alongside Up Poompat as Gene. Born in 1994, Kao graduated from Rangsit University.

War Waranat

War has been in BL dramas since 2016, with the latest being En of Love: Love Mechanics (2020) in which he co-stars with Yin Anan. The pair are scheduled to return in the upcoming sequel Love Mechanics. Born in 1994, War is multi-talented – he graduated as an architect from Khon Kaen University, and plays multiple musical instruments (guitar, drums, piano).

Gameplay Garnpaphon

Gameplay (aka Gameplay Rabbit) has been in a number of BL series, most recently with Jeff Satur in the cooking BL series, Ingredients (2020). Born in 1994, he’s an actual chef who’s studied at the elite Le Cordon Bleu Dusit culinary school. He’s also cast in the upcoming series KinnPorsche (Aug 2021) in a support role with Jeff.

Apo Nattawin

Model/actor Apo graduated from Rangsit University, and rose to fame starring in various Thai dramas. His first role in a BL series is in the upcoming KinnPorsche series, in which he plays the co-lead as Porsche, bodyguard to Mile Phakphum’s mafia character, Kinn.

Nut Supanut

Nut is a singer/actor who starred in the BL series Oxygen (2020) – alongside Petch Chanapoom – and also sang its soundtrack. Born in 1993, this avid gamer graduated from Rangsit University and has a Youtube channel.

Lay Talay

Lay shot to BL fame when he starred in the main role in two BL series, My Engineer and YYY, both in 2020. Born in 1995, Lay is active in the music industry, and is a popular gamer who streams in real-time as LAYYO Gaming on Facebook.

Boun Noppanut

Boun shot to fame after his support role in the BL series Until We Meet Again (2019) in which he played the role of Win alongside Prem Warut as Team. Born in 1995, this actor/model is slated to appear with Prem again in the sequel Between Us, this time in the co-lead role.

Ohm Pawat

Ohm began acting at a young age – he was only a teen when he played co-lead character Frame in the BL series Make It Right (2016). He went on to star in another BL, He’s Coming to Me (2019) alongside Singto Prachaya. Born in 2000, this gym enthusiast is currently at Srinakharinwirot University. He’ll also be starring in an upcoming BL series, Bad Buddy where he plays Pat alongside Nanon Korapat’s Pran.

Mark Siwat

Mark is a singer (who also plays the guitar and drums), dancer, and model; as an actor, he’s best known for his portrayal of Kengkla in the BL drama Love By Chance (2018) and its 2020 sequel A Chance to Love. Born in 2000, he’s a student at Srinakharinwirot University and has a clothing brand named “BLVR”. He also played the role of Mark in the Netflix series The Stranded (2019).

These actors represent just a handful of young, talented, and hot Thai actors who’re part of the BL drama industry – or the “Y genre” as it’s known in Thailand. Who’s your favourite?