News last week: Putting the ‘sin’ in Singapore

The courts are seeing lots of traffic recently. Not traffic offenses though – these particular infractions put the “sin” in Singapore, from sexualised orientation camp shenanigans to probes into sex tapes.

The courts have been busy with hanky panky cases in the home – as was the case of a young man who molested his two sisters while they were sleeping, and the primary school employee who took advantage of three young brothers behind their parents’ back. Perhaps the most bizarre case involved Zunita, a transgender woman who has 2 wives, in a sexual assault case involving a 13 year-old girl – the courts overturned her lighter sentence after rejecting the notion that sexual assault can only be committed by someone with a penis (the girl was assaulted with a sex toy).

Even in ‘safe’ havens like schools, primary school teachers are behaving badly – remember the case of one teacher who bought his student underwear so he could gaze at his knickers?

Speaking of school-based shenanigans – complaints about sexualised orientation camp activities at NUS have been around for a decade, yet this year saw the most sexually inappropriate ones yet: questions about drinking bodily fluids, and even a play act as students simulate rape with a “brother” doing push ups above an unwilling “sister”. According to lawyers, these acts could be against the law, but so far no charges have been filed. Not to be outdone, ITE kids also made the news for inappropriate behavior when they went tooth and nail, fist and foot against each other after an accusation of molest on one of the students. This time, one of the offenders was charged.

The SCDF also got into the action last week when an unexpected viral sex video involving 2 men – one in SCDF uniform – making out in an office made its rounds. After 999 was dialled, police are now probing into the matter.

We can all hope that it doesn’t end violently for the duo – as was the case with a man who was stabbed in Ang Mo Kio by his jilted male lover (who was charged last week with murder).

Finally it’s not all doom and gloom; did you know that sex toys can delay flights nowadays? As long as it hums like a bomb, call in the bomb squad and hold that flight, like that AirAsia flight in Thailand. In another weird incident, a man in China got his penis stuck in a ring. For two days, his manhood was strangled, until firefighters peering over his lower regions and dangling cutting shears finally manage to free the poor man (and destroy his pride in the process). In a rare act of solidarity, another man got his testicles stuck between 2 magnets – he was apparently doing magnetic therapy – and had to get a bunch of firefighters to help him out.

To cap it off, it seems that in Japan – perhaps one of the most culturally sexualised countries in the world – it has been discovered that 1 in 2 millennials are still virgins. In a world that has gone a bit strange (read above), it may not come as a big surprise.

Feature image belongs to [puamelia]