Noël Caleb: Biting the Fashion Bug

Online Fashion Retail at a Glimpse


 By Chione Zhang

Noël Caleb started as an online fashion store in 2011 and has since gained much recognition, with over four thousand fans worldwide following the label. It recently collaborated with established local department store Tangs for the ‘Teddy Girls’ collection.

Since 2001, Noël Caleb has produced three collections, with a fourth one coming out next month. For those wondering how the brand achieved such rapid growth in a mere one and a half years, here are a few pointers to help you dish out your very own fashion frenzy:


Once you click ‘I want to try’, Noël Caleb’s crew will bring the clothes that caught your eye down to any convenient location for a ‘fitting experience’, literally bring the store to your door.

New Blood

Noël Caleb works with newly-graduated creative minds from fashion institutions in Singapore as well as overseas. They believe in giving local fashion talent a platform to originate new ideas that are ‘forever young’.


Addressing the subject of how much it costs to set up an online fashion business, Noël Caleb did mention that it costs more to start a business from scratch, because of the costs associated with running an entire supply chain. All the same, they joyfully pointed out that young entrepreneurs are able to get funds from government organizations such as SPRING and YES.

If your curiosity has been roused, you can always check out a Noël Caleb workshop  at the Lounge, an upcoming fashion venue for workshops and collaborations, located at Chijmes.