Official Recipes To Try During Quarantine |

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by Lydia Tan

During this worldwide pandemic, many countries are enforcing stay-home orders or lockdowns. As a result, a lot of our favourite F&B outlets are closing down and many people are cooking at home more often. If you are one of those who needs new ideas or are missing your favourite foods, here are some recipes released by your favourite brands to try cooking up at home.

1. IKEA meatballs

If you were one of those Singaporeans who queued up at IKEA before the circuit breaker started, this recipe is just for you. IKEA UK released the recipe for their signature meatballs and cream, designed just like their trademark instruction manual. All you need to make it feel more authentic is lingonberry jam (if you can find that elsewhere) and potatoes, and you have yourself a dish that is just like the real deal.

2. McDonald’s breakfast items

When McDonald’s announced that they were closing all their outlets, many of us were mourning the temporary loss of one of our most beloved fast food brands. If you are craving their famous breakfast menu, McDonald’s UK released a simplified recipe for their Sausage Egg McMuffin. When a commenter asked for their Hash Brown recipe, McDonald’s replied with an updated recipe including an extra step to make a Hash Brown. It might not be the full Breakfast Deluxe but it’s definitely worth a try.

McDonald’s updated recipe card with instructions on how to make a hash brown
via Insider

3. LiHo DIY bubble tea

LiHo’s DIY bubble tea kits
photos via @lihosg on FB

With the recent circuit breaker extension, tightened measures have led to more businesses closing down, one of which being bubble tea stores. As such, more people are starting to make their own homemade bubble tea. For all you bubble tea lovers who want the real deal, Shopee is now selling LiHo bubble tea kits with Milk Tea and Black Oat Milk Tea options. Each kit includes everything you need, even down to the cups and straws! The first batch of kits almost sold out within three days and the current restock won’t be replenished so make sure to get yours fast!

LiHo’s brown sugar golden pearls kit
via @lihosg on FB

Shopee is also selling a kit specially just for their brown sugar golden pearls as well. This option is perfect if you want make a batch of pearls in bulk, maybe to add to your other drinks or you just want to add extra pearls to your bubble tea.

4. KFC chicken recipe ideas

KFC’s recipe for making Sweet and Sour Popcorn Chicken
via @KFC.SG on FB

While KFC outlets are still open (for now), having the same old chicken in a bucket can get a little boring after a while. In the spirit of everyone being domestic chefs now thanks to the circuit breaker, KFC Singapore has put out some recipes you can cook at home using their famous chicken. If you need to put your leftover KFC chicken to good use, why not use them to cook up a more wholesome dish to share with the family?

5. Disney Parks treats

Disney Parks’ recipe for Mickey Mouse Beignets
via Disney Parks Blog

One additional downside to this whole pandemic is that we aren’t allowed to travel as freely as before. For anyone craving some foreign goodies, check out the Disney Parks blog for some recipes for their signature park snacks. Some of Disney’s other affiliated platforms have released recipes too, like the Dole Whip recipe on the Disneyland app. From their famous churros to Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets, recreate your favourite Disney treats and transport yourself to the happiest place on earth — all while staying at home.

Other brands like Starbucks and Nespresso have also been sharing recipes which you can make using their coffee. If you’re looking for more upgraded meals, CNA has a special feature of local restaurants’ signature recipes for you to recreate the fine dining experience at home.

While we’re all staying at home to try and flatten the curve, it can be a tough time for all of us. Hopefully during this circuit breaker period, these recipes can let you taste some of your favourite foods you might be missing. It might take a little more effort preparing them yourself but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Try these recipes out at home and let us know how legit they taste!