OISHI Green Tea Launch


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by Hong Ziru and Christabel Florence Sasabone

F&N Foods recently held a launch for their new beverages on 12 March 2015 at the Villa Halia in Botanic Gardens. Named “OISHI Green Tea”, which comes in two flavours: Original Green Tea and Genmai (roasted Japanese rice) Green Tea Genmai, “oishi” also means “delicious” in Japanese.

Brewed using 100% organic green tea leaves, the Original Green Tea bears a subtle hint of Jasmine, while the Genmai Green Tea was a delightful brew that intertwined elegantly with the roasted Japanese rice. Both would make a perfect combination with rice-based dishes, such as the Goma (Black sesame) Rice Cakes which were served at the event.

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The event was made even more interesting with their fringe events too, one of which was a booth where we were given opportunities to have our names translated into Japanese (in the form of Hiiragana, Katakana or Kanji) and have it written out in calligraphy format by a highly skilled Japanese lady calligrapher on the spot. The Taiko performance with the energetic drumming was excellent too, as it filled the event with instantaneous bursts of vibrancy and positive energy.

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We were each given a bottle of the tea to sample and truly enjoyed it, for as the heat creeps up once again in Singapore, both versions of the Green Tea would make a refreshing drink to have in the sweltering heat!