One FC Honor & Glory


combined open workoutBy: Kendra Ng

Are you ready for the upcoming largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fight Night that will happen in Singapore on 30th May? Featuring the thrilling adrenaline-fueled fights of 20 elite fighters from around the world for Honor and Glory, it will be held at the 12,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium where thousands of fight fans will congregate to partake in this exciting event.

On 9th April , we were graced with the opportunity to meet the three renowned fighters from Evolve in action in a master class to prepare for the upcoming event: Jake Butler from America, Bruno Pucci from Brazil and Singapore’s very own Radeem Rahman.

Butler has made headlines all over the world as a Princeton University graduate who left Wall Street to chase his dreams. The novelty having worn off, Butler proves he is not a heavyweight to be messed with. Butler started wrestling from the tender age of eight and since becoming a banker-turned-fighter, has three wins and one loss to date. Butler lets us in on how his parents are taking the choice of him chasing his martial arts dreams.

“I don’t think my mum necessarily likes the idea of me getting punched in the face, but I think my parents know that I’m the happiest training as an athlete.”

Pucci, who debuted in the MMA scene in October 2011, has since managed to maintain a streak of 3 wins with his signature Brazillian Jujitsu Rear Naked Choke (also known as RNC). As a child he was often playing videogames and watching movies about martial arts. We asked him about his diet and he laughed, sharing that when he was not training for a fight, he eats anything and everything.

“When I’m preparing for a fight, I’ll make an effort to reduce my carbohydrate intake.”

Singapore’s very first professional martial arts fighter Radeem Rahman started training in Muay Thai at the age of 16. Having enjoyed watching MMA, it never once crossed his mind that he’d be the very first Singapore fighter to enter One FC’s cage. Whilst his mother was very much afraid of his embarking onto his MMA career, alongside his father they were both extremely supportive. Rahman boasts a win from One FC 2011 and will be returning this year for One FC Honor & Glory.