Paddle Pop Relaunch And Product Review


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by Chua Wei Ling

Most of us know about Paddle Pop ice creams from our childhood – their rainbow colour for one is something that brightens up our day especially if we received it as a treat or dessert after dinner. However, as time passes and more and more ice cream brands come into the market, it is good to know that the good old pops are back – and they are set to stay.

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Sporting a brand new image for their lion mascot, Paddle Pop recently relaunched themselves with a brand new ice cream  called “Dragon Pop”. Coated with Popping Candy, the popsicle is layered with 3 fruity flavours of Grape, Apple and Orange, and is recognised as a healthier snack by the Health Promotion Board.

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At a retail price of $1.20 per stick or $4.50 for a box of 4, this cool treat is definitely great for the warm days of Singapore. We particularly enjoyed the fruity taste of the popsicle too, although it was way too sweet for us. Tip: Leave the popping candy on your tongue for a bit, otherwise it won’t pop!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 4.51.49 pmThe most classic item from Paddle Pop, the Rainbow is still just as cheery with the myriad of colours. Taste wise, the caramel is still strong and sweet, although we can’t tell if it was sweeter now, or remained the same as it was back in the past. Still, it was a good treat to have after lunch, as that was what our entire office did!

The Dragon Pop and Rainbow ice creams are available for sale in all supermarkets as well as selected convenience stores. Come 24 July, they will be having a Paddle Pop Magilika roadshow to celebrate the relaunch at Vivocity.