Pollution woes




by Chua Wei Ling

When the haze came about from the illegal burning of forests in Indonesia in 2013, Singaporeans were up in arms about how they had been affected negatively by it. While it affected Singapore for just a brief period of time, there are some countries which have to deal with such pollution on a daily basis rather than for just a short period of time. 

Take China for instance. The pollution problem isn’t just limited to air as pollution remains largely unchecked. Being the most populous country on the planet, the environment is taking a heavy toll as their economy continue to grow. From Beijing, down south to Guangzhou, China is home to many polluted waterways and garbage-infested land.



While Singapore is being touted as a clean city, in recent years it has become more of a ‘cleaned city’ instead, as at the end of the recent Laneway Festival, the grounds were littered with trash from the attendees for cleaners to clear instead of being disposed properly. Do we really want pollution to be so close to home?


And if you are still not convinced to take some action, you can check out more pictures of China’s pollution here:

Image credits to Earth Porm.