Pop Tech! – Seeing is believing!


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by Hidir Koh

Technology has advanced much through the ages and adapted loads to the current trends. With new inventions constantly being produced to satisfy the fickle tastes of the public, something as fundamental as vision has thus been revolutionised as well. Here are some examples of how innovation has changed the way we see things:

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Instagram sunglasses:
With the rise of filter usage for photo sharing on social media, this new invention known as the Instagram sunglasses are basically a pair of shades that are marketed on providing real-life filters, like the Valencia effect on Instagram. Though it has been criticised for being just a pair of boring brown tinted glasses, its popularity can easily be seen from the way it was about to reach over 1,000% of its pre-planned crowd source funding!

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Night vision contact lenses:
How these contact lenses work is via Graphene – a type of carbon that reacts to photons, that is placed within the lens. As such, dark images brighten up instantly, especially in low light areas. This makes the night vision contact lenses a perfect item to use by party-goers having a late night out. Why? You can easily gauge the attractiveness of others in the clubs under the low light too! The result? No more ugly hook ups!

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Virtual Omni:
From the virtual shot function of the Galaxy S6, to Samsung 3D glasses, virtual reality systems are coming into play and in trend these days. The Virtual Omni is a system that has remodelled the idea of screens everywhere. With the aid of Oculus Rift and Sixense STEM, a system that tracks body movement, people can now be fully submerged into a separate world. Imagine being able to follow the wanderlust trend of touring the world in full panoramic view – all without the need to suffer agonizing crowds or long distance travel. The system has also successfully impinged upon the gaming industry and this gives a whole new meaning to first person shooter games. If you recall those moments where you merely relied on your fingers to press the keys so your characters could duck in when they encounter danger, well those reflexes would now have to include your whole body too!

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