Quizzy Fridays: Which Rick and Morty character are you?

Cartoons have experienced a major growth spurt lately with the rising number of adult cartoons flooding in with the advent of Netflix. Rick and Morty is one of them. It tells the story of a cynical mad scientist, Rick, and his ordinary unassuming grandson, Morty, as they go on wild adventures together travelling through time and space. Although it sounds a little childish, understanding its content far surpasses the intellectual capabilities of children (and there’s also the fact that Rick and Morty is rated M18).

While The Simpsons had gained a reputation for accurately predicting the future, Rick and Morty made its name by delving deep into unspoken questions and uncannily echoing Man’s struggle between feeling significant in a universe that has not yet been fully explored, and knowing that we are probably not.

By now you probably think that Rick and Morty is a dull and depressing show. However, it has garnered much attention since its debut thanks to its use of ridiculous yet dark humour — a brilliant way of persuading viewers to ponder over questions that the show indirectly poses regarding heavy topics like existentialism as the jokes make them easier to swallow.

In addition to being so eerily relevant to the world we live in, Morty’s family is made up of a myriad of colourful characters that are pretty much representative of the variety of personalities we encounter daily. Hence we have made a quiz that will tell you which Rick and Morty character you are.

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by Rachel Lim