[Review] Curél’s Sebum Care Range

by Rin Yeo

These days, the range of skincare products is vast and varied. Step into a drugstore, and what greets you are shelves upon shelves of products boasting various capabilities. Yet, for those with sensitive skin, it is always a challenge to find something suitable – how are you to know if the product is as gentle as it claims to be? Worse, what happens when you have oily or combination skin types too?

The search may be a nightmare, but all hope is not lost! No stranger to the Singapore market, Curél is a trusted skincare brand developed from years of dermatological research which has a skincare range – Sebum Care Range – specially formulated for sensitive and oily/combination skin types. Hypoallergenic, colorant free, and alcohol and fragrance free, we put the products to the test to see if they truly works as they promise – by properly managing skin sensitivity and sebum secretion at the same time while not being harsh.

For this review, we tested it over the course of 5 days.

Curél Sebum Care range – Foaming Wash (RRP: $19.90)
2 pumps dispensed is more than enough – make sure you pumped it down through and through and not give it a half-hearted pump! Since it is dispensed as a foam, there is simply no need to lather at all – gently massage, rinse off and that’s it! We know that it says fragrance free, but we are amaze that there’s no heavy medical scent to it either (as it is common with some products), and after using it, we felt that there’s no tight feeling on the skin. The squeaky clean feeling is slightly awkward though, although that’s probably where the lotion and moisture gel come in!

Curél Sebum Care range – Lotion (RRP: $24.90)
Pretty watery (it is liquid after all…), the lotion is pretty hydrating and gets absorbed quickly. Since there’s no alcohol added, this means there’s no tingling sensation either on application and the best part? It’s not sticky at all, leaving a nice matt finish.

Curél Sebum Care range – Moisture Gel (RRP: $34.90)
Gel? What gel? The fact that this turned really quickly into liquid left us surprised! Even after the lotion, the Moisture Gel was fairly fast absorbed by the skin (we did wonder if it’s because our skin was too thirsty initially, but after 5 days? Nah…) and you can even feel the suppleness afterwards. Non-greasy too, it makes for a good lightweight moisturizer.

Our overall verdict?
Admittedly, while we do not have blemished skin, we felt that our skin wasn’t too greasy, and this maintained for a good 12 hours in the office, and probably about 8 – 10 hours when we are out and about under the sun. This could probably have been due to the 10-hydroxydecanoic acid which regulates sebum excretion. Other than that, it probably does help in preventing spots and blemishes too, as antiphlogistic is infused into this range. For those with acne and blemishes, this ingredient helps in relieving inflammation too. Oh, and did we mention that it doesn’t strip your skin of all moisture despite all the relief in inflammation that it is providing?

So will we recommend this to others? Yes, we definitely will!

Good news!

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