[Review] Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man and Iron Man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN™: HOMECOMING.

The third reboot in 15 years, Spider-Man: Homecoming presents Peter Parker as a pubescent teenager ready to take on the world. The story takes place post-Captain America: Civil War (2016). Having had a taste of crime-fighting and world-saving, the web-slinging amateur is anxious to get in on more action. However, Tony Stark, his mentor, insists Peter return to his normal life where he attempts to balance high school and his superhero identity.

The plot centres around Spidey’s escapades and adventures driven by altruism – in the hopes of impressing the iron-hearted Stark who is bent on the tough love approach.

What’s new? Peter’s a member in his school’s academic decathlon team, which means his intelligence is finally portrayed accurately. His love interest, Liz, is not the red-headed Mary Jane nor blonde Gwen. Also, Spidey finally has friends, make that a friend – Ned.

We are also introduced to Peter and Ned’s classmate – the quirky and snarky Michelle, whose pastimes include sketching people in crisis. We’re not really sure where she fits in, but she has her moments.

Furthermore, as the story took place after Uncle Ben’s demise, we didn’t have to sit through his gut-wrenching death and watch Peter grief. Oh, and Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) is hot.

The light-hearted film is a refreshing take on Spider-Man’s character development as a superhero. Through his adolescent perspective, we are sympathetic towards Peter’s innocence and his attention-seeking behaviour directed at substitute father figure, Tony Stark. We also recognise Stark’s attempts to rectify his daddy issues through nurturing Peter, despite his impatient personality.

Compared to other villains in Marvel movies, Vulture has significantly more bouts of humane moments. Depicted as a boss who cares for his workers and puts family first, his behaviour and actions almost seemed understandable. Nonetheless, his character is of corrupt nature filled with malicious intent.

All in all, Spider-Man: Homecoming is 10% plot twist, 10% cliche superhero life lessons, 20% high school drama, 30% action and 30% Spider-Man’s suit. The best part of the film has to go to Spidey’s suit, holy sh*t can that suit can do anything.

But between Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland? My heart still lies with Tobey as Spidey.

By: Violet Koh