Rock of Ages



By Clarence Lim and Grace Hong

Rock Never Ages

The explosive musical Rock of Ages captured the audience’s attention right from the start with intense riffs from the first guitar solo. An homage to the big hair, leather-filled and flashy make up scenario of the 80s, with strip clubs, boozy bars and demi-god rockers taking centre stage, the musical will resonate well with anyone who grew up in the neon 80s, or is an ardent fan of classic rock.

Thrown into the mix is a tragic love story between a small town girl and a rock star in the big city. Narrated by a pudgy washed-up bar owner who delights the audience with his classic comedic entrances and light-hearted humor. The story is set in The Bourbon Room, a famous bar and strip club that is slated for demolition for redevelopment works. What follows is a protest by hippies looking to keep the culture of the city intact against the no nonsense developer taking a hardline stance.

Unlike run off the mill musicals that have you entertained by a range of vocals, Rock of Ages doesn’t just impress you, but gets you up on your feet and rocking along as well. Although the characters and plot follow a linear trajectory, the narrator makes up for it by poking fun as well by breaking the fourth wall between audience and actor.

While most of the songs are foreign to us millennials, Rock of Ages’ over the top yet realistic portrayal of the 80s is bound to captivate your senses.