Selfie woes


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The selfie phenomenon isn’t old –  you see it almost everywhere you go, someone whipping out a camera phone and taking a picture of him/herself. Most of us do it too, but just how far would you go for a “perfect selfie”?

Most people love the grandeur of nature and the majestic view that they provide, and for selfie lovers, that’s the best backdrop that they can ever have! However, for any selfie addict, in their pursuit for that perfect photo, it seems that most of them do not care for their own safety. In February on Mount Scharek, a 14-year-old boy slipped off a cliff edge as he stepped backwards trying to get a selfie shot of himself. Although he fell for a distance and came to rest on a ledge, he was fortunate not to have suffered broken limbs, head or internal injuries.

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Sadly, for some others, they were not as lucky as he was.  In Russia, a 17-year-old girl fell 9m to her death while attempting to take a selfie atop a railway bridge. She had climbed the height for what she thought would be the best selfie shot, but lost her balance and fell, grabbing the electrical wires as she did and resulting in being electrocuted as a result.

So selfie addicts out there, please do watch out for your own safety.