SG50 Products in Singapore – 1 of 5


We recently celebrated Singapore’s golden jubilee over the weekends, and by now, everyone knows Singapore is 50 this year. To mark this special occasion, businesses have been coming up with SG50 products all year round. From famous names to everyday names, we are going to feature a number of branded items that celebrated SG50 with limited edition products which you may not have known existing in their range.

And yes, we are going with the theme of 50. Here’s the first 10 for today:


Louis Vuitton celebrated SG50 with a range of bags that were specially customised for SG50 and in limited quantity no less! In fact, the classic Chilli Crab made it onto their bags as a limited edition design too.

Similarly, Rimowa Singapore also came up with SG50 travelling luggage. That’s one way to tell where you are from indeed!


Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 1.49.49 pm



If you think one plane is not enough, Scoot, SIA, and Jetstar all came up with a specially designed plane to celebrate SG50. That’s certainly one way to tell people where you are flying in from!


Need a camera to take pictures of Singapore? Why not get the Canon SG50 PowerShot G7 that comes with a SG50 leather case?


For those of us who want to tell time with a watch, Ball designed a limited edition SG 50 watch that could also glow in the dark (and shows SG 50).



Tiger Beer came up with 2 different designs for their cans – their classic 1965 design as well as a red and silver SG50. Similarly, Coca-Cola and Singapore Sling drinks were also spotted with a SG50 design to their bottles.


(images credited to their respective owners)