SG50 @ VCH


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by Tisha Haryanto

As part of their celebration for SG50, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra recently put up a wonderful performance with pianist Lim Yan as one of the concerts for their SG50 series. Performing elegantly for the evening, Lim Yan’s articulations of the repertoire was well-refined and clean, and within the walls of the Victoria Concert Hall, the music was further complimented by the structure of the hall.

Opening with Beethoven’s Sonata in E flat major (Op.27, No.1), the piece was somewhat abstract and focused heavily on technical execution. Although challenging to interpret to a non-musically inclined person, the audience were nonetheless intrigued. In between the pieces, Lim Yan also played Roller Coaster Ride, which was composed by Liong Kit Yeng, Yan slides through the keys to create the suspense as per what one would get on a roller coaster ride. ‘Eroica’ Variations, Op. 35 by Beethoven followed next, and this piece was by far the most pleasing, as it was soothing with a tinge of dramatic dynamic moment, giving a strong emotion to the piece.

After the intermission, and as the evening gradually drew to a close, Lim Yan offered a melodious piece by Franz Liszt -Sonata in B minor, which showcases a variety of techniques involving smooth flow in transitions. 

In the span of that few hours, Lim Yan managed to deliver a sophisticated yet humble performance tonight that was enjoyable for all. A sincere performance at its finest,  it is no wonder that even the younger audience left the concert hall in all smiles, after having sat through a truly delightful experience on a Thursday night.