Shaping Technology the Design Way


Design-tech-1It’s rare for people to look to technology as a source of great designs, however, over the years that has changed immensely. With design taking the lead role in ensuring that efficiency and aesthetics go hand-in-hand, not only is this year’s technological debut of curved screens and palm-friendly gadgets hardwired by design, they’re also exceptionally multi-functional.

Robo Glass
GoogleGlass_15A much talked-about wearable device, the Google Glass does more than just serve as a gadget straight out of a Terminator franchise; it functions just like a computer does, so there’s no need to lug around a laptop (or even a smartphone). Looking like a spectacle frame with a bluetooth-like device attached to it, this elegant device can obey commands like ‘take a picture’ or ‘record a video’, translate languages and trawl the web, all while reading and sending messages and emails. Google is also working with Ray-Ban and Oakley, so you can expect some slick designs soon.


Smart bracelet
airobandExpected to hit the market soon, is AIRO’S latest smart bracelet that enable users to keep track of their health without much of a hassle. Like any normal health tracker, it calculates how many calories you’ve burn, but what sets it apart is that it counts the amount of calories you metabolise using LED displays that measure your metabolic rate while you’re chomping down on food. Keeping up with the holistic health approach, the bracelet is also able to monitor your stress levels by detecting any sudden increase of your heart rate and analysing your sleep cycle to ensure that you have enough rest.


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