SHINE Festival 2017

Natalie and Jessica. Photo by FTP Edelman

SHINE Festival 2017 – 4 Pillars: Music & Dance, Art & Media, Sports & Gaming, Makers & Creators

By: Violet Koh

An annual festival in celebration of youth month, the SHINE Festival is an event by youths, for youths. Headlining the event was K-pop star Jessica Jung, where she performed a collaboration with Singapore-born X Factor Australia contestant Natalie Ong. Other music acts such as Gentle Bones, The Sam Willows, Shigga Shay and Sezairi also put on a lively show for the crowd at Orchard Road. From music acts to dance battles and even food trucks, there was something for everyone.

This year’s theme is “Own Your Dreams”, meant to encourage youth to dream big and pursue their dreams. One of the many ways this was conveyed was through the SHINE x *SCAPE Talent Development Programme (TDP) – where a select few were groomed under industry big-wings. Some mentee-mentor pairings include Axel Teoh and Jon Chua (The Sam Willows), as well as Sophia Joe and Kevin Foo (Foundation Music).

In a panel discussion with SHINE performers Shigga Shay, Linying, Sezairi and Natalie Ong, the artistes spoke about the joys and struggles of pursuing a career in music. Sezairi touched on challenges such as how in an Asian country, it is incredibly difficult to penetrate the English music market because it means competing with the Western hemisphere while Natalie shared about her experience being on X Factor Australia and her excitement of performing with Jessica.

Jessica Jung. Photo by FTP Edelman

Excerpts from the Media Conference with Jessica Jung

On SHINE Festival 2017

What are your thoughts on this year’s theme and what advice do you have for aspiring youths looking for future in the arts and entertainment?
Own your dreams, yes. I think it’s wonderful, I believe people should really speak up and really stand up for what you guys believe in. I think you really have to love what you do, and it requires dedication, a lot of dedication. Just own your dreams, like do what you wanna do, then you won’t regret it.

On Fans and her Music

During this time in your career I’m sure you’ve been through some tough times, what keeps you motivated?
Definitely my fans, because they’ve been with me for thick and thin. And yeah, I don’t know what I’ll be doing without them.

What is one trait you look out for before taking on a creative project? Example, acting opportunity or music collaboration.
I’m a person who actually really like to do what I do. And if I like the project, then I just go for it. I don’t really think of anything else, I don’t care about the upside or downside, I just go and do it and I really focus.

What inspires you most when preparing for a new album?
Okay so, I might sound like a broken record. But my inspiration actually does come from my fans and people from all over the world. Because of work, I travel a lot and I get to see different cultures, I get to see my fans from different parts of the world and it’s just really inspiring.

Here are some cool stuff lined up in Orchard Road during the festival:

Singapore Campus League – National League of Legends Interschool Championship

Singapore Campus League. Photo by FTP Edelman

Held in The Ground Theatre at *SCAPE, the tournament gathered youth from schools all over Singapore to compete for the championship title. The winning teams from Nanyang Polytechnic (A Division) and Chua Chu Kang Secondary School (B Division) were awarded $2000 each as they reached a milestone in their esports journey.

Makers & Creators
This section featured the Kickstarter Marketplace and showcased the projects of our innovative youth. They also had a Koowheel Electric Skateboard booth set up!

Pay with a Question Cafe
At this booth, we got a coffee in exchange for penning down a question we had for youths today. The initiative was powered by National Youth Council in collaboration with the Institute of Policy Studies to better understand youths and create policies.


Erasercup. Photo by FTP Edelman

Yes, it’s an eraser flipping competition, the game we used to play in primary school. Oh, the nostalgia of innocent minds and non-existence of smartphones.

This is an initiative by the “We Are Majulah” movement to connect youths with one another through the shared experience and good memories.

Get Yo Own Beat
Here, people could create their own beats using electronic software and launchpads. The track can then be saved and sent to the creator.