Singapore Government’s Catchy Campaigns on Covid-19 |


Unless you live under a rock, you’d have noticed the number of ads on your social media feed surrounding the nation’s drive to vaccinate the population in order to achieve herd immunity, run by In case you – like many others – scrolled right by them, here’s a look at the various video campaigns that have serious production value.

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Together, towards a new normal

The latest video is not just about vaccinations – this is a new initiative which is called #TestTraceVaccinate which outlines Singapore’s plans to slowly open up to the world. The catchy soundtrack is reminiscent of pop tunes of the 90s, with the chorus “let’s test, let’s trace, let’s vaccinate” that accompanies a pretty slick video that introduces the new Covid-19 Self Test Kit, encouraging us to test ourselves at home.

Get your shot, Steady Pom Pi Pi

The first of the videos in the #iGotMyShot campaign was this viral video featuring none other than Singapore’s favourite contractor, Phua Chu Kang. Legend has it he’s famous in Singapore, JB and Batam, but in this video he’s trying to get you to vaccinate yourself against Covid-19 to the catchy disco tune called “Steady Pom Pi Pi.” While this turn of phrase – meaning “maintaining cool while handling a challenging task” – has fallen out of favour among Gen Zs, it was used a lot in the Phua Chu Kang TV series.

I’m getting my shot. Get yours too.

If Phua Chu Kang appeals to older Singaporeans, then this #iGotMyShot video is targeted at the younger audience with its messaging – get vaccinated for a safer reopening and a resumption of more social activities. The people interviewed and featured are deliberately younger and the video addresses issues and concerns rather than just a being a blatant disco-call to get people vaxxed.

The vaccination programme

To keep the population safe from Covid-19, it’s best for 70-80% or more of the population here to get vaccinated, including close to 90% of the elderly. The extent and speed of reopening Singapore are linked to the risk of infecting the unvaccinated, and thus depend on how quickly Singapore is able to vaccinate the population.

Singapore aims to vaccinate 2 in 3 residents against Covid-19 by National Day. For every 100 people in Singapore, 59 have received their first dose and 37 are fully vaccinated as at June 30. Already, MINDEF has stated that 92% of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will be fully vaccinated by the second week of July.

Whether or not these videos have worked their magic remains to be seen, but it means putting Singapore on the world map for coming up with creative campaigns for Covid-19 vaccinations!