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By now we’ve all see Gurmit Singh and gang try to encourage us to vaccinate in that very annoying – and viral – ad. Since the idea of herd immunity can only be achieved if most of the population is inoculated, Singapore isn’t the only country that’s trying to get people to vaccinate. While we’ve got Phu Chu Kang persuading the people of Singapore, other countries have their own tactics, and here’s how their Covid-19 vaccine videos look:


The latest campaign simply shows a number of people of all ages taking their vaccinations – those who’re squeamish about needles may have to turn away, as there’s plenty of those shots – leading to various aspects of the country opening up. From restaurants to retail, the video culminates with a scene of a sports stadium, where orderly fans in face masks get ready for a game.

United Kingdom

The video is partly to encourage people to vaccinate, while trying to be add a tint of humour to it. Funny and informative, the video basically tries to get the minority community to get vaxxed. The video is actually pretty simple – it sees a number of British celebrities, from Elizabeth Hurley to Sir Elton John, simply saying their lines while conversing with the invisible Producer who’s off screen.

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has also teamed up with YouTube to create a series of 12 video ads targeted at the 18-34-year-old market. Titled ‘Let’s Not Go Back’, it features numerous light-hearted videos, including one depicting swimming in an inflatable pool.

The United States

In one of their ‘It’s Up To You’ campaigns, we see a video of past presidents (except Trump) and first ladies encouraging people to get vaccinated. The only surprise is the quality of the video – it looks like someone put it together with a iMovies or something. The ending shows us images of the Obamas, Clintons, and Bushes, plus a handful of senior citizens getting vaxxed. There’s another version with Hollywood celebrities as well as one featuring major sporting events.


In Australia’s latest bid to get folks to vaccinate, they’ve decided to screen a graphic video depicting a young woman gasping for air while hooked up to a ventilator. The text reads: “Covid-19 can affect anyone…Book your vaccination.” However, the advertisement has sparked backlash because the advert unfairly targets young people, considering under 40s will only be able to access the vaccines at the end of the year.

Australia’s earlier vaccine video veered into the infographic – showing viewers that they’ve purchased 140 million doses of vaccines, enough to cover everyone in the country. Their video focuses on convincing people that the vaccines are safe and how they’d be rolled out across the country.

New Zealand

Probably one of the more fun vaccine-encouragement videos out there, New Zealand’s version features people from all societies gearing up to get together with friends and family – implying that everyone can go back to the pre-Covid glory days after they get vaxxed. “Ka kite, COVID” means “See you, COVID”, after all. And since it’s New Zealand, the video ends with an obligatory Haka dance.

Global: Google

Even tech giant Google is getting in on the vaccination promotion game. It recently launched its own video campaigned titled ‘Get Back What You Love’ – and it’s a simple but effective ad utilising what we use Google for: a search engine.

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